Paigon Davis


Hi, I’m Paigon Davis

The graphic designer, web designer, video editor, wannabe Sherlock Holmes x human behind Natasha Lane Design Co.

I help vloggers and entrepreneurs elevate their video content through design and editing so they stand out online and become THE authority in their field.

Paigon Davis of Natasha Lane Design Co.



If you’re here, you might fit into one of these molds:

  • You’re already creating awesome videos, but you know you can take it to the next level and increase your audience.
  • You want to build a brand and start becoming a business that you can show off.
  • You’re ready to build your headquarters and create a community and make a profit.
  • You thought I was interesting and wanted to know more. I can dream, right?
  • If any of the above is correct, you’re in the right place.


Meet Paigon

I’m Paigon Davis, a Graphic Designer x Web Designer x Video Editor from Houston, Texas who loves creating graphics, videos, and websites for vloggers and entrepreneurs.

I help vloggers and entrepreneurs stand out by creating branded videos that resonate with their target audience. I’m not talking about making boring how-to videos that are one and done and on to the next! BUT videos that your audience is excited to watch and keep coming back for more.

I’m equally passionate about giving advice on branding, web design, branding videos, video tips, productivity and anything that would help make being a business owner a little less taxing.

Whether you need an experienced video editor to create high-quality content that your viewers are ready to devour, a designer to brand and create your empire, or a trusted partner to evolve with your brand, I’m here to support you.

What you get when you hire me:

  • I save you time and money by letting you focus on your content creation while I take care of the branding and editing of your videos.
  • Original graphics that help you stand out from your competitors.
  • A partner, and possibly a future stalker of your brand.
  • Someone with experience creating graphics, developing websites, and creating video content.


Meet Paigon Again but as a human being

Things I like:

  • Pizza! I’m a pizza demon.
  • Window shopping (I’m trying to keep a minimalist closet)
  • Playing dead on the couch, marathoning shows (Mostly Kdramas and Hulu)
  • Pinterest Addict! I love looking up recipes and pinning ideas.
  • Studying, I’m always learning something new. Student for life!

Things I’m trying to improve on:

  • My Health. I use to exercise consistently, but I’ve fallen off track. I want to get stronger, faster, leaner, etc. You know, Wonder Woman status.
  • Eating less processed foods, and more of that green stuff that grows from the ground.
  • Interacting more with other humans offline and online, so don’t hesitate to contact me, I legit get excited.