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Hi, I’m Paigon Davis

The graphic designer, web designer, video editor, wannabe Sherlock Holmes x human behind Natasha Lane Design Co.

Paigon Davis

Paigon Davis

I design brands and websites that tell stories for confident and bold creative entrepreneurs.


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Hey there!

You’re ready to start your business, but you don’t know anything about creating a brand.

You’re focused on creating products and don’t have time to learn about design or how to code a website.

You’re organized and ready to conquer your frontier, but you need a headquarters and want to draw in your target audience.

You already have a headquarters, but it’s not drawing in the people you want and you need a re-design.

I’m here to help.

Meet Paigon

I’m Paigon Davis, a Graphic Designer x Web Designer from Houston, Texas who loves creating graphics and websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses turn their passions into profits by creating a brand that resonates with their clients. I’m not just making pretty graphics, I’m strategically designing graphics that draw in your clients. Yes, it’s pretty, but it’s there to do something.

I’m equally passionate about giving advice on productivity, motivation, branding, web design, branding videos, and anything that would help make being a business owner a little less taxing.

Whether you need an experienced designer to brand your empire, or a trusted partner to evolve with your brand, I’m here to support you.

What you get when you hire me:

I save you time and money by letting you focus on your business while I take care of the research and creation of your brand.

I help you organize and place all the important stuff on your website to draw in your audience.

Original graphics that help you stand out from your competitors.

A partner, and possibly a future stalker of your brand.

Someone with experience creating graphics, developing websites, and creating video content (multimedia package coming soon).

Learn more about my design process here.

Learn more about my client process here.

Meet Paigon again, but as a human being

Things I like:

Pizza! I am a pizza demon.

Window shopping (I’m trying to keep a minimalist closet)

Playing dead on the couch, marathoning shows (Mostly Kdramas and Hulu)

Pinterest Addict! I love looking up recipes and pinning ideas.

Studying, I’m always learning something new. Student for life!

Things I’m trying to improve on:

My Health. I use to exercise consistently, but I’ve fallen off track. I want to get stronger, faster, leaner, etc. You know, Wonder Woman status.

Becoming Vegan AGAIN, or 98% of the time. I just can’t give up on eggs and pizza is my life (I just perfected my kimchi pizza recipe).

Eating less processed foods, and more of that green stuff that grows from the ground.

Interacting more with other humans offline and online, so don’t hesitate to contact me, I legit get excited.



My story

(in full, for those who have the time to read it…)

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Paigon Davis. I am the Graphic Designer x Web Designer x Blogger behind Natasha Lane Design Co. I have a BA in Radio/TV/Film from the University of North Texas, and a certification for Interactive Media from San Diego Continuing Education. I also learned Front End Web Development from San Diego Continuing Education.

My new beginning

I never thought I would own my own company. It’s not a desire that I ever had in my life. My life’s goal was actually to become a filmmaker or video editor.

When I moved to San Diego, it was hard to find a job. I thought I would find a job easily, but I didn’t know they had such a high unemployment rate.

Fortunately, while I was volunteering as a video editor and assistant producer, I found out about a school in San Diego that was FREE. The school was called San Diego Continuing Education. In the beginning, I joined the Interactive Media Certificate Program so that I could learn more about creating animation with Adobe After Effects, but fell in love with the program overall.

Most of the curriculum was Graphic Design. Honestly, I didn’t even know what Graphic Design was when I started taking the classes, but it ended up changing my whole life. That program also made me fall in love with web design, so I signed up for the Front End Web Development program afterward. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the last few weeks because I had to move to Texas.

Where did the name Natasha Lane come from?

It took me a long time to decide on the name of my design company. I was too embarrassed to use my name, and it’s not a name that is easily pronounced. I wanted something stylish, confident, and yet meaningful.

Natasha Lane is actually the street I grew up on. It’s a place where I spent my childhood and my adulthood evolving. When I lived there, I got to be Sailor Moon, a Power Ranger, a Poet, an Artist, an Editor, etc.

It’s where I dreamed all my dreams, and felt I could conquer the world. It’s also a place that I can go back to if I fail and need to start all over again.

I knew that it was a name that I could make a beginning and evolve with. Not only that, but I felt that Natasha Lane oozed confidence, strength, and was feminine without being too frilly.

How I created the brand?

When I envision Natasha Lane as a person, I think edgy, femme fatale. That’s how I came up with my color scheme. It’s mostly neutral, but the colors have a darker tint. I wanted it to be androgynous but at the same time feminine.

How I want the brand to evolve

Another reason I didn’t use my name, was because I hope to hire more people. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to work alone, so being a freelancer would be hard. They say most freelancers are introverts, but I always hated being labeled that because I am one of those rare people who are both. I just recently took one of those personality tests that confirmed I am 52% introverted and 48% extroverted.

Not only that, but I want Natasha Lane to be a place that interacts with its audience. I want to share what I know and empower people to keep learning and growing.