Brand Your Own Biz


Learn how to design your own brand in just 5 days

This Course is for you if you:

Just started your business, but haven't gotten around to branding.

Want to hire a Designer, but lack the funds, so you need a DIY option.

Are all about the DIY, but don't know where to start.

New to branding and want to know if you have a skill for it.

What you get out of this course:

You'll create your mission statement.

Create long/short-term goals.

Find your target audience.

Discover your brand style.

Sketch and create your logo.

Choose your type.

Choose your brand colors.

Brand Style Workbook

What's included with the course:

The 5 day email course.

Access to my FREE Resource library.

The Brand Style Workbook (in the resource library).

A Free Bonus Workbook (only available for the course).

My Weekly Newsletter.

Your Investment:

It's FREE, so you have nothing to lose!