Do you want an easy way to stand out on YouTube and become the authority in your niche?

Well, Brand Your YouTube Channel will transform your YouTube channel from drab to fab in just 5 days.

Are you serious about growing your YouTube channel with your potential clients?

YouTube is a marketing tool you use to attract your ideal clients. You want to make an impact and show you’re THE solution to solving your client’s needs.

How confident do you feel when you look at your YouTube channel?

▶️ Are you embarrassed of your channel?

▶️ Does it showcase your brand?

▶️ Is this what you want to be remembered for?

▶️ Does it attract the viewers you want?

▶️ Does your channel reflect what you want to charge for your services?

Well, if you’re not satisfied with your channel brand, then you can change it in just 5 days!

In the Brand Your YouTube Channel course, you get:

5 video trainings to help you brand your channel  (plus extra video tutorials)

Brand Your YouTube Channel Workbook

​A workbook to help guide you to creating the brand you want.

Go Rogue Library

Access to the Go Rogue Library

The resources provided by the Brand Your YouTube Channel course will show you how to:

  • Research and create your client avatar
  • Create an awesome banner for your channel
  • Decide on the type of brand watermark you want for your channel.
  • Create click-worthy thumbnails
  • And so much more!

Hi, I’m Paigon!


I help service-based entrepreneurs elevate their video content through design and editing so they stand out online and become THE authority in their field.

I’ve worked with female bosses who want to make an impact using video. I’m not just pasting video footage together or creating pretty graphics, I’m creating a brand you’ll be confident in showcasing and spreading online so you can feel comfortable charging what you know you’re worth.

Paigon Davis
Are you ready to become a memorable brand on YouTube?