The PJ Life is a lifestyle blog focused on helping women succeed in every aspect of their life. Whether it’s their career, their family and friends, fitness or health, The PJ Life believes you can have it all, while looking chic (affordably so!) and confident.

Target Audience

The PJ Life’s ideal clients are women between 21 to 40 who want to have their cake AND eat it too! These women are career driven, love their family, are worried about their fitness and health, but also love to sit around in their PJs marathoning television shows or reading a good book.

The PJ Life Logo

Primary Logo x Submark

The PJ Life’s  main style goal is comfort. At the PJ Life, they love to lounge around in pajamas or sweats on their off days. They also love drinking tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and wrap themselves in a warm blanket. At the same time, both the founders of The PJ Life have opposite personalities and yet are bold. All these things were taken into consideration when making the logo.

A handwritten type was used to create a casual setting, and the P and J were made to stand out more to showcase the differences between the owners.



Since this is an online company, free google fonts were used for the website. Abril Fatface and Roboto are the main fonts used on the site and in The PJ Life Blog graphics.

Abril Fatface was the perfect font to use because it has an editorial yet playful feel. This font is excellent for headlines and text that need to stand out and Roboto is the perfect compliment.

The PJ Life Primary Color Palette

The PJ Life Secondary Color Palette


Since this brand was all about comfort, neutral colors and colors prone to sweater-wear were used. This was used to create the atmosphere of snuggling in a blanket  with a hot cup of tea warming your hands. Bold colors were used to represent the owners and their polar personalities.


Application x Website

Since this is an online business, the main collateral items used, were graphics made for blog posts, social media, the newsletter, and the website. Below are the categorial graphics used on the homepage. The website launches on April 13th, check out The PJ Life when they launch!

The PJ Life-Relationships The PJ Life-fitness The PJ Life- Fashion The PJ Life- Career





The PJ Life


Service Provided:  Branding x Web Design Package