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Right now, you might be thinking ‘OMG, I’m crazy for doing this? I can’t believe I’m spending all this money’ Am I doing the right thing by hiring Paigon?

The answer? Yes!  Because now, you’re one step closer to standing out online and becoming an authority in your niche.

01  Great design x editing will make you stand out and become known in your niche.

02  Great design x editing will give you the confidence you need to conquer the online world.

03  Great design x editing will get you more subscribers and views.

04  Great design will get you more traffic to your website.

05  Great design x editing will help you save more time to focus on all the things you want to do to grow your business.

Still not convinced, then check out what a few of my clients had to say.




“Paigon was amazing to work with – even when I didn’t know what I wanted myself! My logo came out beautiful, and I’m so proud to show off my website to everyone, including prospective clients and all over Pinterest. All my collateral items have been so useful and I can’t get enough of my blog post images. I would definitely work with her again for website updates or extra goodies!

Stephanie @tutorintineseltown

Sophie VL

“Paigon has editing skills AND design skills, that’s the perfect combo! She was able to edit my videos, create my thumbnails, create my Instagram graphics, create videos for my Instagram Stories and even IG TV now. She’s exactly what I need right now in my business!”

Sophie @sophievlcom


Project Management 


We will use Asana  (soon we’ll be switching to Dubsado) to keep up with your project schedules. To learn more about how we’ll use this project management tool, watch the video below. You can also read this blog post here.



If your project is in Dubsado, it’s similar to Asana. It’s free on your part and everything I post to Dubsado will be sent to your email. Reply to the email I send you and it’ll still be sent to Dubsado.

Before your project begins here’s some homework

If you’re booked for Brand Your YouTube Channel or Multimedia Headquarter here’s your homework:


01  Create a Pinterest board

Before your project begins, you will need to create a secret board to collect images that are relevant to your brand. Below you will find tutorials on how to create a secret Pinterest board and add me to it and how/what to pin on your secret board. You can also read this post here.



02  Fill out the questionnaire

This will be in your Client Portal in Dubsado and it’ll also be emailed to you.

For Multimedia Headquarter and Web Design, here’s some extra homework:


03  Upload your website content to a Google Drive folder.

Create a Google Folder called ‘Website Content’ and include:

  • A folder labeled ‘Website Copy’
    • Create a Google Doc for each page of your website and name it after the page,  for example, ‘Homepage’.
      • Make sure to add the website copy to each google doc.
    • A folder labeled ‘Images for Website’
      • Create a folder and label it with the name of each web page, like ‘Homepage’.
        • In each folder include the images you want on the page.

Once you have everything organized, share the ‘Website Content’ folder with paigon@natashalanedesignco.com

04  Let me know your host and domain name. If I’m uploading your website to your host, add me to your host.

For video editing here’s your homework:


01 Fill out the questionnaire

This will be in your Client Portal in Dubsado and it’ll also be emailed to you.

02 Upload your videos

Once your videos are ready, upload them to the Dropbox (paigon@natashalanedesignco.com)

If you’re adding me as a channel manager, title your video the same title you want to use on YouTube.

Video Due Dates


If you want to send videos weekly:

01  Let me know your weekly posting schedule so I can make adjustments to accommodate your schedule.

02  Upload your video by Monday if you want your video by Friday morning (before 11 AM CST).

03 If there are revisions, the revised video will be delivered the same day or the next business day depending on what needs to be revised (for videos less than 10 min, it may take longer if your video is longer).

If you send your videos in a batch:

I’m a big fan of batch days, so you can definitely send your videos all at once. Just know that I follow a schedule and I can’t promise to get them done all at once.

If I’m your Channel manager 

Click here to find out how to add a channel manager.

01  Let me know your YouTube schedule so I can schedule your videos at the appropriate time.

02  Make sure to give me the Title (name your video with the title before you upload it to the dropbox) and Description for your videos (and tags if you want specific tags, if not I’ll add your tags myself)

03 Make sure you already loaded your default descriptions. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this post.

How we communicate x Feedback guidelines

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM

I always try to respond to emails within 1 business day (Monday – Friday).

If I’m on holiday, sick or vacation, I will let you know in advance (if I’m sick, I’ll let you know that morning), so if you don’t hear back from me within that 1 business day, definitely email me again to see what’s up.

All communication will be through email in Dubsado or Asana depending on your project type. It’s easier to keep up with all our messages in one place and it keeps everything organized.

If you want to add me to your PMS or CRM (like Slack, Basecamp, Trello, etc.), that’ll be an extra cost.

Tips For Providing Your Designer With Helpful Feedback

01   When you’re listing revisions use bullet points or numbers.

02   If you’re giving different types of feedback, break them up into sections, or different paragraphs.

03  If you have different types of feedback, use headers.

04  Be as specific as you possibly can.

05  If there is more than one person giving feedback, have only one liaison.

06  For video editing, make sure to add the timestamp of what you want to be edited in your video.

Click here to find out more about giving feedback.


What happens now?

After you complete everything on our checklist, you’re all set. I’ll be contacting you a few days before our project begins. You have the option of booking a 30-minute call before we begin.

Book your call here

I’m so excited to get started on your project!


If you booked way in advance, here are some helpful posts to up your video game.