Brand Your YouTube Channel

Showcase your business with confidence.

Brand Your YouTube Channel

Embarrassed to show off your business?

Been there, done that!

You have a DIY brand, and you feel so embarrassed every time you look at your YouTube channel, thumbnail, website, freebies, and blog. You’re creating high quality content, but your branding doesn’t match up to your standards. Because of this, you’re dream clients don’t stick around. 

You deserve a brand that showcases your business and makes your audience ecstatic to be a part of it. Nobody should be afraid to send their audience to their social media channels or website because they’re embarrassed of they’re brand.

Are you ready to boldly show off your business?

Getting visible is scary, but it’s part of being in business. What if your brand was so awesome that you could shamelessly brag about it to the world? It’s possible! With a professional brand you can confidently show off your business and become THE Authority in your field.

Your brand can help you:

  • Create brand recognition and increase viewership.
  • Become a thought leader in your industry.
  • Charge premium prices because you’re totally worth it.

Go from feeling embarrassed to confident with the Brand Your YouTube Channel Package.

In just 2 to 3 weeks, I’ll create a brand you’re proud to show off.

​How does it work?

Brand your YouTube Channel made simple:

01. Complete your homework. Before the project starts, you’ll have a little homework to help me get to know your business and your audience.

02. Choose your logo and brand elements. Once we start the project, we’ll go through the design process where you’ll give feedback on your logo, brand elements, and collateral items.

03. Deck out your channel, videos, social media, and website with your new brand elements. Once we’re done, you’ll be given logo, collateral items, and brand style guide so you can start branding your business.

Here’s what you receive from the Brand Your YouTube Channel package:

01. Brand Identity

One logo (2 revisions)

One Sub-mark (1 revision)

Typeface recommendations

Color recommendations

Brand style guide

02. YouTube Branding

YouTube channel art (1 revision)

3 thumbnail graphic templates (1 revision)

03. Upload (optional, you’ll have to add me as a channel manager)

Channel art to YouTube page

Branding watermark

Setting up default description styles

Words from my clients



Paigon was amazing to work with - even when I didn’t know what I wanted myself! My logo came out beautiful, and I’m so proud to show off my website to everyone, including prospective clients and all over Pinterest. All my collateral items have been so useful and I can’t get enough of my blog post images. I would definitely work with her again for website updates or extra goodies!


Paigon’s work will get my business more visibility, ease of re-purposing, and hopefully more income!


Sophie VL

Paigon has editing skills AND design skills, that's the perfect combo! She was able to edit my videos, create my thumbnails, create my Instagram graphics, create videos for my Instagram Stories and even IG TV now. She's exactly what I need right now in my business!

Inside look at the design process:

Client questionnaire


Before we begin the official design process, you will fill out a questionnaire so that I can get to know your business. Then we will start designing your signature logo and style.

The Modern Lady Portfolio

WEEK 02 

Once we have your style in place, we can implement them to your YouTube channel and start creating brand recognition.

Ok, so what’s this going to cost me?

This is the part I’m always scrolling to when I’m searching for services. I just want to get straight to the point. Well, you could waste time trying to research and DIY your brand and still feel embarrassed about your brand.

OR, you could hire a professional to do it all for you and feel confident in your brand, look like the authority that you are, charge what you know you’re worth and attract your dream audience.

Your investment for the Brand Your YouTube Channel Package

 starts at $600.

That’s $50/month for 1 year.