Can I re-purpose your existing blog content?

The content created on the Natasha Lane Design Co. website is copyrighted solely for Natasha Lane Design Co. I create content for my readers and do not condone the re-purposing of my existing content. This includes: using any of the Natasha Lane Design Co. content for your blog, course, e-book, or any other service/product.

Are you booking new design clients?

Yes! If you are not familiar with my packages, please go to my services page to review each service. If you are, you can contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Do you offer an a la carte service for branding and web design?

The short answer is no. The long answer is I have 3 different types of service packages. I cater to those that are just starting their business. Some people only need branding and not a website, or already have a brand and need a website, or need both. That’s basically how my 3 service packages are designed.

Do you work on any website platforms other than WordPress?

I work with WordPress because it’s easier to customize.  WordPress is the CMS I am most familiar with and it’s easy for startup businesses to maintain. I have yet to use Squarespace or any other program, nor am I opposed to it. Go ahead and contact me and we can discuss it further.

Where did you come up with ‘Natasha Lane’?

Natasha Lane is the street I grew up on. I felt it was the perfect name to grow under, and it fit the type of style I wanted to create. The other reason is that my name is hard for some people to pronounce and I didn’t feel comfortable going under my own name.

I can’t invest in your services right now, do you have any suggestions?

You can keep following my blog and social media. I always try to post useful information that pertains to branding, video editing, YouTube and web design. Also, you can suggest posts to write. I am always open to sharing my knowledge with my readers.