On Wednesdays We Go Rogue
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On Wednesdays We Go Rogue

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I scrapped my old newsletter and decided to make a change. So now, On Wednesdays, we go rogue! What does that mean? Every Wednesday, I’m popping in your inbox to give you updates and tips that’ll help your business. Not only that, but the resource library is going to be a membership extension to the newsletter. It’ll be called Go Rogue Library. It’ll still house all your resources, but they will also be released in my emails so that you won’t have to keep signing up every time for an opt-in. 


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What you can expect

On the road to domination

If you’re not learning then you’re not growing! In this section, I’ll shine a spotlight on the things that I’ve used to grow my business. This will be freebies, videos, products, courses, or tools that I’ve actually found useful for my business. Just think of this as professional development. You should be doing that at least once a week anyway.


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There’s definitely rest for the wicked, the wickedly awesome that is…

The #1 thing I regret about starting my business journey, is that I was 100% about my business. So much so, that I’d get ill and had no time for the people around me. Most people start their own business because they think they’ll have time to do all the things they want, like hanging out with family and friends, having hobbies, traveling and so on. If you’re hustling 24/7, then you’re doing it wrong.  In this section, you’ll get a peek at what I’m doing on my downtime.


treat yourself


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