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In my Logo x Branding package, my clients get the option of 3 collateral items. The Branding x Web Design package includes 4 collateral items. So, what are collateral items? They are just additional design items that add to the branding experience. Here is a list of collateral items I offer.

List of Collateral items I offer:

All collateral items have one revision.

Note that for items that are meant to be printed, I deliver digital items only. There is no printer coordination included in the cost, but printer specifications and recommendations are provided.

Blog Graphic Templates

If you’re a blogger, this item is a great option. Blog templates are convenient because you can use them over and over again without having to think about the design. They save time because all you have to do is change the header copy, imagery, and the colors. They help create a consistent brand. since you’re using the same style. This will help your audience recognize your blog graphic instantly.

This template includes 5 designs. This is delivered as an Illustrator file (.ait). The photos and colors can easily be swapped out. Fonts and photography are not included, but I will include your brand typography in your Brand Style Guide, so you know which type to use.

Social Media Templates

Social media is important because you’re marketing your business for free. It’s hard to stay on brand with images sometimes, so it’s useful to have a template to create a consistent style that your audience will recognize.

This template includes 4 designs. You will choose between Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Pinterest users should use the blog graphic template. This template is delivered as an Illustrator file and does not include photography or fonts, but your brand typography is in the Brand Style Guide.

Brand x Web Design for Hue x Blush socialmedia-1 Brand x Web Design for Pink Tint

Custom Patterns

Custom patterns are a fun way to add uniqueness to a brand. They can be used on websites, thank you cards, letterheads, and other brand identities. You only get one custom pattern based on your brand identity. The file is delivered as JPEG and PNG.

Brand x Web Design for Hue x Blush variation logo brand board pattern2 Brand x Web Design for Hue x Blush variation logo brand board pattern1

Icon Designs

Custom icons are a unique way to create a consistent design. Most icons are used for products or services. For example, when I first created my website, I used icons in my color and brand to showcase my services. I created icons that represented logos, collateral items, and web design. Now, I use a combo of both icons and images. The icon design comes with 3 icons based on branding.

blog image

Business Cards

A must for anyone networking in person. If you are a physical entity or always attending meetings where you’re networking and exchanging information, then you need a business card. The business card design is dependent on the brand identity design and comes in PDF format.

Death by dessert

Ebook covers

Do you write books or create workbooks? This is for you. The book cover will be based on a combination of your brand and the contents of your book. It will be delivered in PDF, JPEG, and a PNG file.



Do you need to create a worksheet for opt-ins or challenges? OR maybe you have a course that needs a worksheet. This collateral item only comes with 1 worksheet, but it comes with an InDesign file so that you can use it as a template to create other worksheets. This worksheet will be based on the content that you’re using it for.

Brand Style Workbook


Letterheads are great for businesses that are always sending memos or letters to clients. The letterhead is based on the brand identity design. It comes in PDF format.



Perfect for mailing out letterheads or invoices. The envelope is dependent on the brand identity design and comes in PDF file format.

Note/Thank You Card

If you like to send thank you notes to clients and collaborators, then a thank you card is the way to go. There’s only 1 card design and it comes in PDF format.

Pink Tint business card
Pink Tint business cards and thank you card.


Stickers are great for sealing envelopes, notes, and other packaging. There are only 2 sticker designs, and it comes in PDF format.

Death by dessert

Other Services:

The services provided above are all the services included as collateral items for my service packages, but there are other services that I provide. These services are only for clients who already booked services with me. The reason I prefer clients that I have already worked with is because I already established a relationship with them. I know their brand and website, so it’s easier to create designs that go with their brand. (BUT, there are always exceptions *wink *wink)

Note: All services come with 1 revision.

Intro (video)

This is part of my new multimedia package. If you’re a vlogger or just want a cohesive brand for your webinars and workshops, this is for you. There’s no filming or footage that comes with the package. This video is up to 15 seconds long and comes in MP4 format.

Outro (video)

This is also part of the multimedia package. This is also up to 15 seconds long and comes in  MP4 format. Again, no filming and footage included in the cost.

Brand x Web Design for Hue x Blush outro

Video Title Graphics

Do your videos have categories and titles? Then these video graphic templates are for you. This comes with 3 title graphics. They are also included in the multimedia package. The template comes in the Adobe Illustrator file format. This does not include fonts and photography.

Brand x Web Design for Hue x Blush FASHION

Promo Video

Do you need a promo video for your website or YouTube page? This is the perfect video to introduce yourself or promote your product and services. The promo video is up to 2 minutes long. It comes in MP4 format. This does not include filming and footage. 

Editing short videos

If you create short videos and need them to be edited, this is for you. This is for short videos up to 5 minutes long. If it’s a longer video, then there will be an extra charge. The video comes in MP4 format and does not include filming and footage.

Website Maintenance

This is a retainer service. The cost is monthly, and it comes with 2 options. Both options include content updating, image swapping, graphical and layout changes, style enhancements, and backing up the website. The only difference is option 1 comes with 2 service requests and option 2 comes with 4 service requests.

Monthly retainer package

As I mentioned above, the website maintenance is a monthly retainer package, but this isn’t the only option I have. Maintaining your business and creating products and services can get to be too much. If you don’t have time to worry about your website, creating graphics, or editing videos I have a monthly retainer package for you. Just contact me with your needs from the above items and I can customize a retainer package for you.

As a growing business, what is the number one collateral item that you can’t live without? Mine are blog graphics and social media graphics. I update my blog posts weekly and I try to update Instagram as much as I can, so templates are a big convenience for me. Let me know what you’re always updating in the comments below.

-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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