You’ve made up your mind this is the year you’re going to start creating YouTube videos.

In 30-days, you can brainstorm topics (the ones that make you $$$), film, edit, and upload your first video.

Creating videos require the pre-production phase, the production phase, and the post production phase.

The 3 phases of creating a video

Most people focus most of their time on the production phase (filming) without giving much thought to the pre-production phase which is strategically planning so you can market your business.



Post Production

The pre-production phase will save you so much time in production AND post production.

How confident do you feel in creating videos?

✨Brainstorming topics that sell my services/products is easy.

✨Writing out scripts is very natural for me.

✨Filming 2+ videos a day, I can do it in my sleep.

✨Video editing is a breeze!

✨YouTube SEO is on point.

If you’re just getting started, of course you won’t be confident in creating videos. In fact, not knowing the right thing to do to create videos might be stopping you from taking the first step to creating YouTube videos.

Well, in 30 days, I’m going to show you step by step how to strategically start creating your videos so you can get confident promoting your business.

If you show up and seriously do the work, you’ll leave ‘Create Your YouTube Videos in 30-days’ knowing how to

📼 Brainstorm video content that fits with your business goals.

📼 Write scripts easily with my script formula.

📼 Create batch days for filming, so you can film 2+ videos in one day.

📼 Edit videos simply so you don’t waste hours on video editing.

📼 Upload your YouTube videos with confidence.

Hi, I’m Paigon!


I help service-based entrepreneurs elevate their video content through design and editing so they stand out online and become THE authority in their field.

I’ve worked with female bosses who want to make an impact using video. I’m not just pasting video footage together or creating pretty graphics, I’m creating a brand you’ll be confident in showcasing and spreading online so you can feel comfortable charging what you know you’re worth.

Paigon Davis

Here’s how ‘Create Your YouTube Videos in 30-days’ works:


You’ll receive weekly emails with tutorials and instructions to guide you through how to create your videos. Each week will build upon the last, so you must go in order.


Show up and complete the homework. You’ll receive homework each week to slowly get you used to creating your video creation process. You’ll receive workbooks and templates (like my Asana video creation workflow) to make your life easier.


YouTube video complete! Once you finish all your homework, you should have your first YouTube video ready for the world to watch.

Words from my clients



Paigon was amazing to work with - even when I didn’t know what I wanted myself! My logo came out beautiful, and I’m so proud to show off my website to everyone, including prospective clients and all over Pinterest. All my collateral items have been so useful and I can’t get enough of my blog post images. I would definitely work with her again for website updates or extra goodies!


Paigon’s work will get my business more visibility, ease of re-purposing, and hopefully more income!


Sophie VL

Paigon has editing skills AND design skills, that's the perfect combo! She was able to edit my videos, create my thumbnails, create my Instagram graphics, create videos for my Instagram Stories and even IG TV now. She's exactly what I need right now in my business!

Get a peek inside our weekly schedule:

Week 01 

You’ll create your video creation workflow so you’ll know every step you need to follow to create a YouTube videos, brainstorm topics for your videos (you get a 1:1 call with me to make sure you’re creating videos that make you the $$$), and you’ll learn how to create the perfect script to follow for all your videos.

Week 02 

You’ll learn how to film your first video. I’ll give you tips on how to film your videos faster so you can film multiple videos in one day. 

Week 03 

Learn how to save time editing videos. The biggest complaint I get from clients is they waste too much time video editing. I’ll give you tips on how you can save time video editing.

Week 04 

Upload your video to YouTube (the right way). Here I’ll go over how to optimize your videos so you can get found in YouTube search. I mean, what’s the point of creating videos if no one is watching.


01 Is this only for YouTube videos? 

This process will work for creating any videos. BUT the last week is focused towards YouTube SEO. Other than that, the video creation process can be used to create videos for IG TV, IG lives, Facebook, Webinars, and so on.

02 How does the 1:1 brainstorming session work?

These calls are 30 minutes long and you must schedule them in advance  (let me know if the times don’t work for you and I’ll try to accommodate you). During the call, I’ll ask you questions about your business. These calls are geared towards making videos that fit your business goals, so make sure to take notes in the workbook I give you.

03 Why am I getting am I getting weekly emails? Can I get everything all at once?

If you do everything all at once, you’ll get overwhelmed. The first week is already time consuming because you’re doing all your pre-planning (the first week will be split into 2 emails).  After that, it should be smooth sailing. If I give you all the content at once, you’ll probably forget about it and never look at it again. If I create a course on a website, you’ll have to go through the extra steps of logging in or forgetting about the course later. I want you to make this year THE YEAR OF YOU. I want this to be fun and I don’t want you to get burned out from being overworked. Also, if you get stuck somewhere, you can easily hit ‘reply’ to your email to let me know.

Sure, you can watch a lot of YouTube videos (mine included) or read blog posts to learn how to create your videos, but you can save time and get everything sent to you. If you show up and do your homework inside 'Create Your YouTube Videos in 30 Days', you’ll know how to:

✨ Follow a video creation workflow so you can consistently make videos and never think about forgetting a step.

✨ Brainstorm content ideas that align to your business goals and make you $$$. 

✨ Create the perfect script for your brand to keep your audience engaged.

✨ Film videos faster so you can film multiple videos in one day.

✨ Save time video editing and free up time so you can concentrate on work that actually makes you money.

✨ Optimize your videos so YouTube will help you get found in search.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.


Isn’t it time for you and your business to create videos that market your brand to your ideal clients.


If you’re not confident in creating videos and don’t know what to talk about, then 'Create Your YouTube Videos in 30 Days' will help you find the confidence to know what to talk about, how to format it, and so much more.


It’s time to stop thinking about finally creating videos and start doing it!