How to film your videos faster

Does it feel like it takes too much time to film your videos? Learn how to film your videos faster.

Does it feel like it takes too long to film your videos? Do you want to be able to film multiple videos or have batch days for filming so you can save time and focus on your business?

Well, this week, I’m going to show you how to have quicker video shoots.

When I first started creating videos, it was so nerve-racking. I hated (and still hate) being on camera so filming was a big issue for me.

The longer I filmed or the more I messed up my lines, the more I wanted to stop creating videos. In fact, there was a time, I think a month, where I just gave up since I didn’t have the time, but now I’ve found a way to create quicker video shoots, and the secret is in planning.

How to film your videos faster

Be prepared

The first thing you need is a script. You have to know what you’re going to talk about right?! Well, I always have a script. It doesn’t have to be a full script. You just need an outline so you stay on topic.

Once you have your script, have it near you. I have a client who keeps her notes near her while she films. Whenever she forgets what she was supposed to talk about, she stops and grabs her notes and looks over them.

I like to have my script on my phone. I keep my phone next to the webcam, so if I forget, I can just glance over to see what I’m supposed to talk about next.

This is why I have this phone stand attached to my tripod. Sometimes you have to invent things that don’t exist. It’s made my life so much easier.

Film in sections

Once you’re prepared, film in sections. This is the secret to having filming your videos faster.

I know you think you want to memorize and say everything all at once, but it actually takes longer to film that way.

Instead, you should do the introduction and then stop. Go the the first main topic and stop. Go to the next main topic and stop, and so on. Filming like this will help create less mistakes and will be a lot faster.

Not only that, but it helps with editing. If you do it all in one go, when you make a mistake you’ll feel like you have to start over or you’ll auto correct yourself in the middle of a sentence and it’ll be hard to edit later.

This is exactly like filming a movie. They don’t just start filming the whole movie in one go. They organize it by scene, then start filming in sections. The actor says their line, and if they mess up, they redo the section and then on to the next section. Of course, they have multiple takes because they have to film different angles.

So being prepared and taking your time to film each section will make filming so much easier. If it’s easy and convenient, you’ll have less excuses to get it done.

What’s the #1 thing stopping you from creating videos? Let me know in the comments below.


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