Pinterest for my client process

I like to use Pinterest for my client process as part of the client homework. It’s one of my favorite social media platforms because I can use it to find vegetarian recipes, outfits, business information, and so on. For clients, I have them use it to collect and save images that are related to their brand.

Pinterest for my client process

Collecting images for brand inspiration has never been easier. Pinterest is the easiest platform to use to search for keywords and collect images. I say it’s easy because it’s basically like google except you’re getting images in your search results. They make it easy to share your images with friends and keep your results for future reference.

Can you keep a secret?

After the client finishes their homework, I have them create a secret Pinterest board and add me to it. In this board, they will collect images that relate to their brand in some way. If you’re new to Pinterest you can watch the videos below to see how to create a secret board and how to pin images to it.


I want to know your secret.

The week before the project is set to start, I will go in the secret board and start viewing the photos. I will then collect the photos and use them to create a mood board for the brand. Once I finish, I will send the mood board and creative brief to make sure that I have a complete understanding of the client’s brand before I start the design process.

Inspiration board for Natasha Lane Design Co.
Mood board for Natasha Lane Design Co.

What should you pin to your Pinterest board?

In the video above, I gave some quick examples of what to search for on Pinterest. When I started Natasha Lane Design Co., I knew that teal would be one of the main colors. Because of this, one of the first things I searched for was teal.

In the homework I give to clients, I make them list adjectives to describe their brand. Those words are good starting points to search Pinterest to see what comes up. In the beginning, I searched bold, minimalist, black, edgy, geometric, and so on until I had enough images that looked like my brand.

When searching in Pinterest, anything goes. When you type in your search word in the Pinterest search bar, it auto-generates suggestions. Also, right underneath the Pinterest search bar, there are suggestions based on your search that you can click on for further ideas. After pinning and following others, Pinterest will try to guess the pins that you will like, so be sure to check that out too.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Let me know what you think of Pinterest in the comments below.


-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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