Learn how to record your computer screen using Loom.

In one of my previous videos, I listed the 3 free tools you can use to record your computer screen. Loom was one of them. 

As I mentioned in the previous video, Loom is great because you don’t have to download it. It’s actually web-based. You use a chrome extension to use it. It’s perfect for sending quick videos to clients or to team members explaining how to do things. I’ve seen some people answer questions in facebook groups using it too. 


First, go to In the right-hand corner, you see the blue button that says ‘sign up for free’. You need either a Google account or Slack account to use it.

I use my Natasha Lane Design Co account which I use through Google Suite. You can log in through Google, but it’s all through your domain name. Click here to find out more about Google Suite (this is an affiliate link).

Start recording

To record videos, you have to have the Chrome extension. Once you click the Loom icon on your Chrome bar, you’ll see the record tab on the right-hand side of the screen. You have the option to record the screen + camera, the screen only, and the camera only. We’re going to choose the screen only and hit the ‘Start Recording’ button.

Once you hit the ‘Start Recording’ button, you have the option to choose your entire screen or the application you’re using. I’m just going to choose my entire screen and click the share button. 

Now, the screen is recording. At the bottom of the screen, you see a bar that has the ‘Stop sharing’ button. I’m going to click ‘hide’ because I don’t want this bar on the screen while I’m recording my video.

Hiding the bar just moves it out the way to the taskbar down at the bottom of my screen. I can just click on the chrome task and it’ll bring the bar back to the bottom and once I’m done recording my screen, I can click ‘Stop sharing’.

I’m going to ‘Stop sharing’. Once I do, I’m automatically sent to the URL of my video. Here, I have the option to copy the link and share it, invite people to watch the video, or add a password. 

If I scroll down, I have the option to edit my video, which is awesome if you don’t have video editing software or if you just need to cut out a little mistake.

You can also download or delete your video. You don’t have to worry about saving it because it’s saved automatically. Here, I’ll click on my videos and you see all my videos including the one I just recorded.

If you want to change the title of your video, you just click on the title and change it.

That’s how you use Loom to record your computer screen. It’s really easy to use and you don’t have to download anything.

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  • Hi Natasha, great piece! Any idea if there’s a way, while recording a loom video of my voice and screen, that I can record 1st part, pause, record 2nd part, pause, delete 2nd part and start from just when 1st part ended? Or do i have to go all the way back and record part 1 and 2 again if I mess up part 2? It’s for a meeting in a few hours 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    • Loom has an editing section. You can record everything at once and then edit out the parts you don’t need.