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Looking for a simple, lazy way to film your videos? I have the solution for you. I’m all about keeping things simple and convenient. I know that one of my biggest reasons for not filming is because I don’t have time. Saving time and convenience are a big win for any business owner.

The simple way I film my videos

In this week’s video, I’m going to show you the simple way I film my YouTube videos with a webcam. Well, I usually film all my videos with a webcam or my phone, even though I own a Canon (7D).

The reason I don’t use my Canon, is because I have to set it up. It’s not like I’m filming a movie, it’s just videos for YouTube, so I just use my webcam.

This webcam is made by Logitech.

**This is an affiliate link**

Here’s a behind the scenes look at my camera setup (watch the video to view, and sorry for the messiness!). Usually, if I’m on a video call, I leave my webcam on top of my desktop. BUT since this is for filming my YouTube videos, I always use a tripod.

The reason is I want to control the background since my office is in the corner of my game room. It’s also easier to control light since I use a combination of natural light and a ring light.

You can watch my video on lighting here.

Then I use the movie recording option on QuickTime to film my videos.

Super simple right?

There’s not really a big set up or take down procedure, so it doesn’t take long to start filming.

How do you film your videos? Let me know in the comments below.

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