Want to get found on YouTube? Use Tubebuddy to help you optimize your channel so you can get found in the search results.

How do you get people to watch your videos?

Well, they have to find you first.

Today I’m going to show you how to get found on YouTube. So, I talked about how you need to use keywords that your target audience searches for in your title, your description, and your tags.

Well, how do you know that you’re using the right keywords? The answer is TubeBuddy. Let’s not lie, I’m pretty lazy. I mean– Super efficient. I don’t have the time to waste searching online for the best keywords, researching titles, researching tags, all this stuff. Because you know, I have a business to run. I have clients to work with, I have video content to make, blog posts to put out, newsletters, social media, and all the other things that I want to  do for my business.

Instead, I use TubeBuddy to research tags and headlines for my video.

So, here’s how to use TubeBuddy for YouTube.

Okay, so first we’re going to research titles for YouTube videos. So, this is basically how I come up with my headlines, titles, whatever you want to  call it for YouTube. One of the videos I created was about uploading your YouTube videos, so I’m going to start with ‘upload videos to YouTube’.

Then you just click Show Keyword Score, and it’s bad. So, I do not want to  use this for my YouTube title. Maybe ‘how to upload videos to YouTube’. And I’m going to show keywords, but you’ll also see these related searches, ‘how to upload videos to YouTube from Xbox One’, ‘from iPhone’, ‘from PS4’. Let me click on one of these. Ugh. It got better but it’s not great. This one says very good, so I went ahead and used this as my title for my video.

The Ultimate Guide to Uploading your YouTube Video checklist

Finding tags using TubeBuddy for YouTube

Okay, so next we’re going to look at tags. If you look right here, it says ‘Most Used Tags’, and you’ll see ‘YouTube’, ‘upload videos to YouTube’, ‘how to upload videos to YouTube’. So, you can actually click on all these and copy them. And then you can go ahead and paste them to your video.

When you’re searching for your title, we’ll just look at the first few videos that match our search and see how many how many views they have.  Well, I already have one so I’ll just put social media marketing agency. And then when you’re looking at this video, it has over 200,000 views, so I’m just going to look at their tags over here.

You see ‘how to start social media market’, well, you don’t need this. Maybe like ‘social media marketing strategies’, ‘social media marketing tricks’. So, you can add all those to your video. Also when you’re typing this in, you can click on the tags and search for relevant tags. Go to ‘trending’ and it’ll show the popular tags related to your tag. You can actually copy these tags and add them to your video.

If you’re interested in using TubeBuddy, Here’s an affiliate link. Don’t worry, TubeBuddy is actually free and I’ve actually used the free version in this video. But, I do have the paid version and it saves so much more time.

Let me know in the comments below if you use TubeBuddy or if you use another tool instead.

The Ultimate Guide to Uploading your YouTube Video checklist

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