​Video Editing and Design

Free up time to plan and create your content and focus on your business.

​Are you wasting t​​​​ime editing videos

AND they still don’t meet your standards?!

You’re creating awesome content, but you’re wasting your time and pulling your hair out trying to edit your videos. You don’t get the editing software and it takes you too long to edit your videos to your standards of perfection.

Sometimes, you just give up and upload the video just to meet your deadline. Or worse, the video doesn’t meet your standards and you don’t upload it at all!

​​You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time or your life to create high quality videos.

What if you only had to focus on creating great video content you know your audience enjoys? That would save you between 1 to 3 hours of time. You could spend it with your family and friends or on other business projects that make you money.

I know what it’s like to NOT have time to DO ALL THE THINGS!

That’s why I created this video editing package.

Every month, you’ll send me your videos to edit and upload to YouTube (available if you add Channel Manager to your package).

​How does it work?

Video Editing and Design made simple:

​01. ​​​Do the homework. Before the project starts, you’ll do a little homework to help me get to know your business brand and your audience.

​02. ​​​Upload your videos to Dropbox. Once the project starts, you can upload all your videos for the month into Dropbox OR you can do it weekly.

​03. ​​​Give feedback for your edited video. I’ll send you your edited video once a week, and you’ll give me your feedback.


04. Upload your final video to Dropbox. Once the final video is complete, I’ll upload it to Dropbox. If you add Channel Manager to your package, I’ll upload and schedule your videos to YouTube.

Here’s what you receive from the Video Editing and Design package:

4 videos (less than 10 minutes long)

01. Video editing

Edit videos in your chosen style

Color Correction

Edit out bloopers

One round of revisions for each video

02. Upload video

To Dropbox

​Words from my client's



Paigon was amazing to work with - even when I didn’t know what I wanted myself! My logo came out beautiful, and I’m so proud to show off my website to everyone, including prospective clients and all over Pinterest. All my collateral items have been so useful and I can’t get enough of my blog post images. I would definitely work with her again for website updates or extra goodies!


Paigon’s work will get my business more visibility, ease of re-purposing, and hopefully more income!


Sophie VL

Paigon has editing skills AND design skills, that's the perfect combo! She was able to edit my videos, create my thumbnails, create my Instagram graphics, create videos for my Instagram Stories and even IG TV now. She's exactly what I need right now in my business!

Ok, so what’s this going to cost me?

Omo, Paigon, how much will this cost me? Well, you could sacrifice time and energy on editing your videos and getting them out on time.

OR, you could hire a professional to do it all for you and focus that time on making more money doing business or spending that much needed time on your personal life.

Your investment for the Video Editing and Design Package

starts at $400/month.