5 tips to keep your brand consistent

If you’re reading this, you already have a brand or you’re ready to start thinking seriously about it. Having a brand is all about building recognition and attracting your audience. So how do you become recognizable? Simple, you just have to stay consistent. Consistency is the easiest way to get people to recognize you and keep you memorable. Here are the 5 tips to keep your brand consistent.

5 tips to keep your brand consistent

01. Writings on the wall

No matter if you’re creating YouTube videos, blogging, creating content for social media, or just a business in general, you’re going to have to use text. The first tip is to always use the same fonts. You shouldn’t have more than 3 fonts unless your business branches off and each item has its own brand.

Unless your branching out, no matter what you’re putting out into the world, use the same fonts. That means using the same fonts on your Instagram graphics, website, worksheets, workbooks, YouTube graphics, blog graphics, ads, billboards, and so on. If you keep doing this consistently, your audience should be able to recognize your business by your font.

Note: If you create content for online and print use, then you might have 4 to 6 fonts. One set for online use and another set for print. Those fonts are based on legibility.

02. Don’t be every color of the rainbow

Unless your brand colors are every color of the rainbow, use only your brand colors. Like with your fonts, use them consistently on your social media graphics, YouTube thumbnails and videos, blog graphics, website, and so on. No matter what you create, if your audience repeatedly sees your content, they should know who it is.

For example, if you create a YouTube thumbnail and you use the same colors and fonts, then your audience should automatically think, ‘Oh, so and so just released another video, I should watch it’, without even looking at the YouTube channel name.

03. Image is everything

Photo images are also a part of your brand. Make sure you create the same style of images. The best example is Instagram. You’ll notice that the best accounts create a consistent theme. Those themes can be based on mood, colors, lighting, and/or focus.

I think you can get a little more creative with Instagram, but whatever platform you’re using, if you’re using images for your brand, make sure to keep the style consistent.

Want to find out more about branding photos? Click here to read 3 types of photos you can use to brand your business.

04. What are you saying?

Did you know that your voice is part of your brand? That voice can be your voice on YouTube videos or webinars or your writing voice. Your voice could be a professional educator, a girl-friend style, edgy, PG13, R, and so on.

I would recommend just being yourself.  So, if you’re having a hard time thinking of a brand voice, just use your own. I try to write the way I talk. That means I’m using words that I would use all the time. You’ll never see me use curse words or super flowery words because I rarely curse unless I’m super pissed or stuck in traffic (which is kinda the same thing).

If your audience is potential clients that you might interact with, it’s better to be authentic. You don’t want them to be surprised that you’re not like the person you pretend to be.

05. What’s in a name?

There are different types of logos. You might have a main logo, a variation logo, and a submark. If you want to put your logo on your content, do it consistently and use the same logo-type. This could be on digital products, your website, your social media images, and other graphics.

Depending on your brand, you might not have your logo on everything. There are businesses, like me, who want to be known as people. If you go on my Instagram feed, my Pinterest account, my YouTube account or if you’re subscribed to my newsletter (sign up here if you want to be in the know), you’ll notice that all those accounts have images of me for my icon instead of my logo. You’ll also notice that all the pictures are the same pictures. That’s because I want people to get used to my face and to recognize my social media accounts and emails.

The last thing is you want to sign off the same way on all your content. Whether you’re creating a video, blog post, or newsletter post, you can sign off the same way. I use to sign off my blog posts as Paigon – Natasha Lane Design Co., but I switched to just Paigon.

You’ll also notice in ‘On Wednesdays, we go rogue’, I always end it with my picture, name, and email. I also end my post with an ‘I don’t have time for this’ summary. Whatever you do, try to keep it consistent.

I don’t have time for this

If you don’t have time to read this post, here’s what you missed. Consistency is the key to becoming recognizable and memorable. Here are the 5 tips to keep your brand consistent:

01 Use your brand fonts on all your content.

02 Don’t use colors that aren’t on brand.

03 Keep your photography style consistent.

04 Your brand has a voice, use it.

05 Use your logo or don’t use your logo on your content. Sign off on your content the same way.

Do you have a hard time staying on brand? Let me know in the comments below.


5 tips to keep your brand consistent 5 tips to keep your brand consistent

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