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When I’m designing, the first thing I do is research. Here are a few color resources I use to get inspiration, find colors, and save color schemes.

Color resources I use to get inspiration

When I want to look up colors or various options for one different color I like to use and  When you click on the link for the color you like in, it also shows you color palette options.  Sometimes I use these 2 sites just to look up the hex value (#000000) for a color.

When I’m looking for color inspiration, I like to go to has a lot of pretty colorful images that are inspiring. My number 1 resource for inspiration is Pinterest. I like to save color palettes or images with interesting colors to my Pinterest board. You can view my Pinterest boards here.

Color resources for creating color schemes

When I want to test my colors to see if they go well together or if I know I can’t live without a specific color and want to find colors that match it, I will use Coolers or Adobe CC. Both websites will let you plug in your colors side by side. This is the perfect way to test if your colors match well together.

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Finding colors across mediums

When I want to find the hex value, CMYK value, RGB, and Pantone value of a specific color, I use This website is perfect when you need to find the color values for different mediums that the color will apply to.

Note: CMYK is for print, RGB is for computer/the web, Pantone is professional print, and hexadecimal is for the web.


-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.


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Inside Look: Color Resources Inside Look: Color Resources Inside Look: Color Resources

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