Create engaging videos with B Roll Footage

Are you creating videos for your business, but they’re looking kind of boring? Well one way you can make your videos more engaging is to use B-Roll footage.

Sometimes it can get a little boring watching someone talk on and on about a subject. It sort of feels like watching a lecture sometimes.

Today, I’m going to talk about B-roll footage and how it can help entrepreneurs make their videos more engaging.

So, what’s B-roll footage. It’s basically the images you see that’s not the main image. So while I’m talking, I could cut away to or switch to another image, but you still see my voice.


Usually the image or footage has something to do what I’m talking about. So right now, I just cut away to another footage, but use still hear my voice talking, but you don’t see me.

That’s B-roll footage.

It can be useful if you want to keep your audience engaged while you’re talking or to show them how to do something.

B-roll footage can also be used to help with building your personal brand or your brand in general.

In the next video I’m going to show you the different ways you can use B-Roll footage for your service based business. Well, this could technically work for any business trying to build their brand.

Ready to add B-roll footage to your videos now? Then check out the list of B-roll Ideas for Service based entrepreneurs I’ve created. Click here to grab your list.

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