Today I’m going to talk about using a teleprompter for your YouTube videos. When I first started my videos, I thought it would be so much easier if I could use a teleprompter, so I added Little Prompter to my Amazon wishlist because it could be used for webcams, phones, and an actual camera. After sitting in my Amazon wishlist for almost a year, who knew that my sister would actually get me one for Christmas?!


Little Prompter set-up

Setting up Little Prompter was actually easy once I realized how to follow the instructions to set it up. The instructions are straightforward and it doesn’t really take a lot to install it. To use this teleprompter, you’ll need a tripod. It ONLY comes with a teleprompter. I film all my YouTube videos on a webcam so I specifically set up the teleprompter for my webcam.

How to use Little Prompter

The first thing, of course, is you need a script. Before you use a teleprompter for your YouTube videos, write out your script first, then you need a teleprompter app for your phone. I have a Samsung phone so the app that I used is Simple Teleprompter. This, of course, is an Android app. I don’t know if it’s also an iPhone app.

Once you have a teleprompter app, you just have to copy and paste your script into the app and then you can just start it. Well, of course here are the settings that I had it on. The main thing that you have to look out for is mirroring the text because the teleprompter reflects the text.

Once you import your script into your teleprompter app, you can just start it. Make sure you’re already filming and then you see your text scroll in front of the camera. Basically you’re reading the script as it strolls in front of the camera lens.

While you’re reading the text it makes it look like you’re actually talking to the camera when you’re really reading the words in front of the camera. The text does not show up on your video.

My thoughts on Little Prompter and on using a teleprompter for my YouTube videos

Well, I actually thought Little Prompter was awesome. It actually did a good job. I mean, it’s only a teleprompter. It did what it’s supposed to do. The only problem I had was the little black bar stick that’s supposed to hold the actual teleprompter on the tripod stuck out too far and showed up on my video. But that didn’t really bother me much because I could just edit it out later.

I had no issues with Little Prompter. It works and it is easy to use, but will I use it?

The answer is probably not. Honestly, I didn’t really like using a teleprompter for my YouTube videos. So, to my sister, thanks for supporting me and my YouTube channel, but that teleprompter will probably be collecting dust for a while. Thank you to the rest of my family for supporting me too. I don’t want them to feel left out. 

The reason why I don’t like using a teleprompter for my YouTube videos is because I felt like a robot while I was using it. While I was reading the words, it was hard for me to express my facial expressions. My facial expressions were stiff.

It made it really hard to watch myself when I was editing my videos. When I’m filming, I want to show my personality, even though these videos are mostly just tutorials on how to make videos for YouTube and branding your videos. I still want to show myself and my personality.  Using a teleprompter got in the way of that. 

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but I did want to say a plus for Little Prompter. Using a teleprompter really does save a lot of time when it comes to filming. Compared to my filming times without a teleprompter, it cut filming down in half because you’re just reading your script so you’re not going to forget your lines or the important things you want to talk about. 

I guess, maybe I’m not good at multitasking. A newscaster, when they’re reading a teleprompter, can probably show more emotions while they’re speaking. But for me on the other hand, maybe I’m not that talented. So just a thought, if you want to save time on filming, a teleprompter is really helpful. 

Next week, I’m going to talk about video content ideas. If you’re new to creating videos and you don’t know what to talk about or you just need to brainstorm more content ideas, then check out next week’s video, ‘YouTube video ideas for beginners,

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Would you use a teleprompter for your YouTube videos? Let me know in the comments down below.


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