Make time to create videos with batch days

Want to start creating videos, but don’t have the time? Make time to create videos when you have a crazy schedule by implementing batch days.

Don’t have time to create videos? This excuse used to hold me back all the time. Well, if you want to create videos, but have a crazy busy schedule, then I have a great solution for you! And that’s batch days.

What are batch days?

It’s basically days when you group similar tasks together so you’ll get things done faster and more efficiently.

Well, how do you implement that into videos?

Make time to create videos with batch days


The #1 way I use batch days is for planning.

Every Friday, I batch my writing tasks. For example, when it comes to videos, I will choose 2 to 4 topics and create a script on them.

That means that if I wrote 4 scripts, then I can film them whenever I’m ready.

Need content ideas? Check out 3 simple ways to brainstorm video content ideas.


I like to also have batch days for filming. Depending on how busy I am, I will take out a couple of hours in a day and film 4 videos back to back. That’s 1 month of content.

If you’re worried about wearing the same outfit, you can pick 4 different outfits to wear. Since I’m always sitting, I just choose 4 different tops. Sometimes I get lazy and just pick 2 different tops and alternate them.


Editing can be a little difficult to batch. Most people I know hate editing, so batching the other tasks together can be helpful.

I love editing, so I actually have batch days for editing. It doesn’t take me that long to do edit videos and it’s my job, so it’s easy for me to get in the zone.


To recap, I’m going to show you how much time you can save using batch days.

So here’s a breakdown of my ideal schedule for you.

If you brainstorm content in advance, which I do every 90 days, you should already have about 13 content ideas ready.

Once a month, you can sit down to write out 4 scripts.

Once a month, you can film 4 videos.

Once a week, you can edit your videos, unless you love editing videos, then you can edit more than one video in a day.

You can also upload and schedule your videos in advance. You can upload all your videos in one day and schedule them in advance or whenever you’re done editing your videos.

Let me know in the comments below if you have batch days for your videos or in general. I use batch days for more than just my videos.


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