Design project timeframe

I only take on one client at a time because I want to focus completely on one design project at a time. Depending on which package you choose, it takes me about 3-4 weeks to complete a design project. Below is my design project timeframe for each package.

*Note: I only work Monday- Friday. These times don’t include the weekend.

Complete Design Project timeframe for the Brand x Web Design  Package

Logos and variations

On days 1-6, I focus on the creative brief and designing the logo. Once the client and I are in agreement on the direction of the project, I start designing the logo. After going through 2 rounds of revisions, the main logo is created. Then, if needed, I will start creating the variation logo and submark.

Brand Board and Collateral Items

On days 7-10, I focus on creating the brand board and 4 collateral items. The brand board basically showcases all the elements of the brand. Once that is approved, I can start working on the 4 collateral items the client chose at the beginning of the project.

Web Design

On days 11-17, I start creating the wireframes for the website. Once the client chooses a design, I create a prototype of what the homepage will look like based on the wireframe. When the client approves of the prototype, I start designing the website.

Day 18 is the final meeting. I will send all the files to the client via Google Drive and go over how to use the website.

If you want to read the complete design process for the Brand x Web Design package click here.

Complete Design Project timeframe for the Logo x Branding  Package

This package looks almost identical to the Brand x Web Design package except there’s only one revision for the logo instead of 2. There are only 3 options of collateral items instead of the 4 that you get with the Brand x Web Design package. Since there is less in this package, it only takes about 11 days.

Complete Design Project timeframe for the Web Design  Package


Days 1-2 are spent defining the creating brief and creating wireframes.


After the wireframe is chosen, days 3-4 are spent perfecting the prototype for the homepage.

Web design

Finally, the website is created between days 5-10. The final file is delivered on day 11.

If you go to each page, you’ll notice that I have a timeline of 4 weeks to complete the design project for the Brand x Web Design package and 3 weeks for the Web Design and Logo x Branding package each. I do that to account for days when the client can’t get back to me right away about revisions.

If you have any questions or comments about my process feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.


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