Brand x web design process

Below is an inside look at my brand x web design process. This is an update to my previous blog post on my design process. In this article, I will outline my step by step design process. This doesn’t include my client process, but in the future, I will post a separate post on my client process.

An outline of my brand x web design process

The Brand x Web Design Package takes about 3.5 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the client. Here is an outline of the process:

Onboarding Clients

I don’t add this to the timeline for designing, but I do have an onboarding process that starts with the inquiry and ends with a deposit.

Once I receive a 30% deposit for a package and the contracts are signed, I will send an email with information on how to access the homework and instructions to create a secret Pinterest board. Everything is due one week before the project begins.

1 week before the project begins

A week before the project begins, we will hop on Skype for 30 minutes to discuss the homework and images that were pinned to the Pinterest board. This Skype call is optional, but it’s to go over any questions I have about the homework and any questions the client might have before the project begins.

Day 1-6: Creative Brief and logo design

Once I get the homework and Pinterest board, I will use these to create a mood board from the images pinned in the secret Pinterest board. Then, I will create the creative brief for the client’s brand. The creative brief makes sure that we are both on the same page when it comes to the brand.

On the first day of the project, the client and I will have a 30-minute Skype call to finalize the creative brief. After we finalize the creative brief, I will have a better understanding of the brand. The mood board will inspire the rest of the design process.

Inspiration board for Natasha Lane Design Co.
Inspiration board for Natasha Lane Design Co.

The first thing I do after finalizing the creative brief is to start sketching the logos. When I get it down to 3 concepts, I will email the options to the client. They will narrow it down and have the option of 2 revisions.

Once the logo is complete, I create a variation logo (if needed), and a submark based on the main logo then email them to the client for any revisions.

huexblush logo
Logo for Hue x Blush

Day 7-10: Brand Board and Collateral Design

Once the logos are finalized, I start creating the Brand Board. The Brand board is just a visual representation of the brand. It gives the client a summary of what’s being included in the brand: logo, logo variation, patterns, type, and color palette. These will then be used to create the collateral designs.

Brand Board for Pink Tint

In the Brand x Web Design Package, clients get to choose 4 collateral items. These collateral items can range from worksheets to business cards to blog graphics. After I complete the 4 items, I send them to the client for revision.

Pink Tint business card
Pink Tint business cards and thank you card.

Brand x web design process infographic

Day 11-17: Web Design

Before I start designing the website, I will create different wireframes of how the website will look. The wireframe is just a series of boxes that will show how the website will be organized.

Once the client chooses a wireframe, I will begin making a prototype of the website’s homepage. When the prototype is approved, I then start designing the actual website in WordPress.

Website for Pink Tint
Website for Pink Tint

Day 18: Final Meeting

After the final payment is received, I will send a link with all the files to Google Drive and upload the website to the host. We’ll set up a 30-minute consult call where I walk you through how to use and update your website.

Launch Day!

On the day of the launch, I celebrate by sharing a blog post with the designs for the project. I might also share sneak peeks through my Instagram account.

Do you have any questions about my design process? If so, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.


-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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