Brand x Web Design for Death by Dessert

*This Brand x Web Design for Death by dessert is a fictitious company for my portfolio.


Death by dessert is a cafe that specializes in a variety of desserts and beverages. They differ from other cafes and coffee shops by having a bright and relaxed atmosphere. The cafe leans more towards a cutesy style without being too feminine.

Target Audience

The target audience is between 13-40. Customers include teenagers who love to eat and gossip with friends, college students studying for upcoming exams, and families who like to eat desserts together.

Inspiration Board

Here are the images that inspired the brand for Death by dessert.

Death by Dessert mood board


The main logo.


Death by Dessert main logo black


The variation logos for Death by dessert.


Death by dessert variation-logo-1



Death by dessert variation-logo-3


The submarks for Death by dessert.


Death by dessert submark-black

Death by dessert submark-berry

Brand Board

The brand board showcases all the elements of the brand like the logo, typography, and color palette.


Death by dessert brand board

Collateral items

This is the menu for Death by dessert.


Death by dessert menu


Business cards and direct mailer for Death by dessert.


Death by dessert business cards and direct mailer


Examples of social media templates.


Death by dessert social media -1


Death by dessert social media -2


Death by dessert website


Designer: Paigon Davis

Package: Brand x Web Design

View the website here.

This is from on the logo x branding template. View the Logo x Branding template here.

Project Summary

Colors found in food were incorporated into the Death by dessert brand. The main colors are derived from chocolate, coffee, and fruits. Even though some of these colors can be construed as dark and sinister (the red created a murderous gingerbread face at one point when I was experimenting with the submark), the overall brand elements help create a fun theme.

A handwritten font was chosen to depict a down to earth brand, and the gingerbread man face pattern depicts a fun, ageless element without being too cutesy. Adding doodles to the cafe elements create a cafe with a personality, as opposed to some cafes that emit more of a business atmosphere.

Overall, the Death by dessert brand still has a bright, relaxed, and fun atmosphere that can attract families, teens, and young adults.

If you have any questions or comments about this portfolio, feel free to contact me or comment below.

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