How to plan so you have an easy video shoot

Don’t know where to start when it comes to creating videos? Here’s my step by step video creation process to plan and schedule your videos. The goal is to plan so you have easy video shoot.

How to plan so you have an easy video shoot

There are 3 stages creating videos. These are the pre-production phase, the production phase, and the post-production phase.

Let’s start with the Pre-production phase.

This is the most important phase of the 3 phases. Without this phase, the whole video content process is a mess. Everything will be unorganized and it’ll take longer to create your videos. We all know that time equals money.

Pre-production can be a big process when it comes to creating big productions, but we’re only talking about creating short videos for YouTube or your other social media channels.

We’re going to keep this super simple. You only need 2 things and that’s to brainstorm your video content ideas and create your script. That’s it.

Want to learn more about creating a script? Click here to find out why you should create a script for your video.


Once you have you have your script, then it’s time to go to the production phase.

The production phase is just filming your content. Of course you have to pick where you want to film, what you want to film, and set-up all the equipment you need to film your video.

Other than that, you already know what to film because you should’ve already picked your content ideas and created a script or outline of everything you’re going to talk about on camera.

Post Production

After filming is over, it’s time for the post production phase.

For a short video, you only need to edit your video and then upload it to YouTube, Facebook, IG TV, or whatever the video was created for.

Once your video is uploaded to its destination, you’re done.

Simple right?

If you create videos, what’s the hardest part of the video process for you? Let me know in the comments below. I know a lot of people hate editing, but for me, it’s the pre-production phase.

Let me know if you want a checklist to make this easier for you. Until next time, see ya.


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