Should I build a personal brand

Building a brand online? Don’t have millions of dollars to waste on marketing and advertising? Personal branding might be the solution for you. Keep watching to find out if you should build a personal brand.

Should I build a personal brand?

Last week, I talked about how to build your brand on YouTube. You can find the link in the cards above and the description box below. Before you get started creating a profile, setting up your channel and/or creating videos, you need to make a big decision.

Are you building a personal brand or a company brand?

I’m going to help you decide. The correct answer for you is a personal brand.

Why a personal brand?

So, why am I telling you to build a personal brand? The short answer is I assume that you’re watching this video because you’re a solopreneur or small business. And if you’re one of the 2, you have limited funds for marketing. 

People buy from people. Or I like to say, people fall for people.

The best example of this are celebrities. Most of us are guilty of stalking our favorite celebrities. We do fall for brands. For example, Apple, Samsung, Channel, YSL, Tarte, and so on. But those are big companies that spend millions of dollars on ads and marketing. Not only that, but those brands had to experiment to find out what their customers like and brand themselves to fit that image.

As a small business, we can only depend on ourselves. 

As a personal brand, you just have to show that you’re a real person and that you can help your audience.

Since we’re talking about YouTube, I’ll give an example of a YouTube star. One of the first people I started following on YouTube was Andrea of AndreasChoice. I found her because I was searching for something like ‘how to grow your hair faster’. At that time, I went through a traumatic haircut. Like it was almost a bowl cut. (sigh)

When I found her, I binged all her videos and watched her new videos every time they were uploaded. Because I loved her, I would buy everything that she tried. That is the power of personal branding. After watching her videos, I felt like I knew her and could trust her, so I bought all the hair products she recommended and even some other things that sounded interesting.

Personal branding made simple

I’m not going to speak about personal branding for too long. I just want to reiterate that people fall for people. Like I said before, we love following celebrities, YouTube stars, athletes, radio personalities, authors and the list goes on. It’s also why big businesses pay celebrities to market for them. 

So how can you as a small business or person create a personal brand? 

The answer is to just be yourself. No, a better version of yourself. Because if I was being myself, I would have my hair up in a warrior bun, wear sweats or pajamas, and have dark circles from lack of sleep. I would also ramble on about shows I’ve watched and stories I’ve read.

So, be the best version of yourself or the style that represents your brand.

The reason why you want to be yourself and not create a whole other personality is that if you’re a service-based business, you’ll most likely interact with your clients.

After speaking to you, you don’t want your clients to think, “Man, Paigon is totally different in real life.” You want them to feel like they know you and can rely on you for their projects.

So, be yourself, but better.

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