Video Editing and design for Heather Hartman Coaching

When Heather Hartman first hired me, she wanted me to edit her Facebook live videos into IG TV videos.

If you ever been to a Facebook live, you know that there’s a lot of distractions when you’re live. The reason most businesses go on Facebook live is to give information to their audience. BUT, because it’s live, you also want to talk and interact with your audience.

The combination of giving the information and engaging with your audience makes the video longer than it needs to be. I was tasked with editing out all the small talk and repetitive information so that it’ll fit into the IG TV standard of 10 minutes.

Besides the usual editing of sound, lighting, and bloopers, I also had to change the video dimensions since IG TV is usually viewed on the phone.

Here’s one of the videos I edited for Heather Hartman Coaching.



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Check out Heather Hartman’s IG TV videos here.

Once we finished this project, Heather Hartman wanted to start a YouTube channel and get serious about creating content.

For this project, I’m taking on the role of her Channel Manager and creating the thumbnails for each video.



Check out Heather Hartman’s channel here.


Package: Video Editing


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