Video Editing and Design for SEEKAYSEE

This project is kind of a passion project. I’ve always wanted to step into the realm of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle vlogs.

I stumbled upon SeeKaySee on YouTube searching for cruelty-free beauty tutorials. I saw her doing one of her creative makeup tutorials and started stalking her on Instagram.

We messaged each other a few times and I started going to her live Twitch streams. If you haven’t been to a live Twitch stream, it’s amazing. It’s like attending a live show and interacting with the host and other people in the chat.

The downside of Twitch streams is they are long and their focus is mainly on gaming, but I think it definitely has potential (for business and other genres).

Getting back on topic, I thought it was a waste not to create shorter videos of her makeup tutorials and add them to YouTube, and that’s how this collaboration came about.

I started repurposing Chris’s 3-hour Twitch videos so they could become short makeup tutorials for YouTube. This sort of morphed into other video ideas.

Check out the video below of funny moments from SeeKaySee. I had fun editing together her funniest moments and adding graphics to match the mood.

Here’s a video from Twitch to IGTV

Want to check out her live Twitch stream? Click here for her channel.

Package: Video Editing and Design

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