Video Editing and Design for The Virtual Savvy

I’ve been dragging my feet updating my portfolio, but I’m excited to present some of the work I’ve been doing. 

I'm the best

Bragging aside, I was excited to work with Abbey Ashley from The Virtual Savvy. The actual video was already edited, but she wanted to add graphics.

This’ll sound lame, but at first, I wasn’t going to take on the project, but I changed my mind for 2 reasons.

Number 1, I try to say yes to projects as much as possible because I think everything is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Number 2, I watched Abbey’s video and fell in love with Abbey’s personality.

I continued to be impressed by Abbey during this project because of her professionalism. It struck me that this must be the essence of being a VA. This excited and inspired me to go all out for this video.

For this project, I used Adobe After Effects because (this is my personal opinion) the graphics tend to have a more high-quality look. I also envisioned using text and wanted to animate them.

In the end, I loved the overall look of the video. Watch the video below to see the finished product.



Package: Video Editing

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