How Design Revisions Work

Depending on the design package, my clients get 1-2 revisions for each item. Most designers have revisions so that we can accommodate the client’s input before the final design is selected. This is how design revisions work.

How design revisions work:

01. Creating the design

First, based on the client brief and mood board, I design the logo or wireframe (depending on the package). Once I finish designing the item, I send it to the client for review.

02. Sending designs for review

During this process, the client goes over the design and notes what they like and dislike about the design. I want the client to feel comfortable telling me if they feel something is off or need clarification on anything.

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03. Giving feedback

Once the client has all the changes that they want to make, they email me back with their changes. Sometimes we might have a Skype call, especially if it’s the final revision. Usually, I like to talk about the final revision to make sure I understand everything the client wants to change.

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04. Do it all over again

Once we get the final design for the logo or wireframe, we go through the process all over again for other items like the variation logo, sub-mark, website prototype, and other collateral items.

Revisions are the most important part of the design process. It’s the way that I can validate that the client is happy with the design. I want the client to be happy and comfortable expressing any input. This is, after all, their business.

-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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