5 things I need before I design a website

Before I start the web design process, there are 5 things I need before I design a website from the client. Below are my top 5 things.

The 5 things I need before I design a website:

01. Domain

Before I start designing the website, the client needs a domain. Without a domain, the website doesn’t have a name. Ideally, you want to create a domain name based on your business. To check to see if your name is available, go to Domainr. Also, here are some suggestions on where to go to get a domain:

  • Arvixe (referral link)
    • I use Arvixe to buy all my domains. All the domains that I have purchased were $10/year.  
  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap

02. Host

A host is important because this is where I upload your site. Most of the time, you can buy your host and domain name in the same place. That’s what I did (I used Arvixe) because it was convenient for me to have everything in one place. Besides Arvixe, here are a few places I’ve heard good things about:

03. Website content

When I’m designing a website, I need all the copy and images for the website. This makes it easier to get design ideas. It’s also a plus for the client because they won’t have to upload everything themselves later.

Make sure you have the copy for the about page, home page, and contact page. If you don’t have photos, at least try to take a photo of yourself for the about page. You can also find stock photos online to use for your website. For an extra cost, I can Photoshop images to fit your brand (I’ll try to create a post on this in the near future).

04. Brand Questionnaire

The brand questionnaire gives me more details about the client’s company, their audience, and their competition. These answers will give me more insight on how to design the website.

05. Logo and branding

Logo and branding are important because I need to implement them into the website design.

Brand x Web Design Package

If the client purchased the Brand x Web Design package, then I already created their logo and understand their brand, so I can go right into designing the website.

Web Design Package

This package does not include a logo.

If you already have a logo and brand style guide

If the client has a logo and brand style guide, I can use those elements and implement them into the website. From the brand style guide, I will already know what typography to use or what type will complement the brand, along with the brand colors and design style.

If you don’t have a logo and brand style guide

If there’s no logo or brand style guide, it’s not a big deal. With the Questionnaire, I can get an idea of your brand and who you’re targeting. In place of a logo, we can just type out the business name.

To read about the complete homework process, click here.


-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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