Video editing process

My biggest goal when editing and creating designs for videos is to help you attract your dream audience and become THE authority in your field. When I first envisioned my video editing process for this service, it was geared towards YouTube, but I have since expanded to other social media. The clients that I’m currently working with wanted videos created for Instagram, Instagram stories, and Facebook, so I added those options into this package.

My other goal is to focus on adding lifestyle elements to videos for entrepreneurs. Why? Because your audience wants to connect with you and once they do, they’ll want to follow/subscribe to your account and stay updated. I don’t want you to create a one and done video (those videos people look for to learn something, and when they do, they leave your channel and forget about you). I want you to create an audience that is excited to watch your videos consistently. Now that you know my main goals, here’s what you can expect from my video editing package.

My video editing process

Doing the homework

Once you book my service, you have a little homework to do. The first thing I do when you’re booked as a client is adding you to a project in Asana. Asana is a project management system and it’s where we’ll be doing all of our communication (you’ll still get email notifications, but through Asana).

Don’t worry, it’s FREE and easy to use. I’ll assign you to your task (your homework) and you’ll also see where I am and when things are due for your project. This makes it easier to communicate and manage all our files.

After you get access to your project in Asana, you’ll see that you have a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire helps me figure out what style to edit your videos in, your branding, who your audience is, and so on. I need this completed before I start editing your videos.

Also, on the questionnaire, there’s a section that lets me know how you’ll deliver your videos. You’ll let me know if you use Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive or any other cloud storage you have. If you want me to upload your videos to YouTube, you can provide access to your login or you can add my email address to your account.

Once you finish the questionnaire, you just mark the task as completed in Asana. The next homework assignment is to give me your brand style guide or elements of your brand (if applicable).

Click here to read more about the client process.

Click here to learn more about Asana.

Editing the videos

Once your homework is complete, you can upload your raw footage to your cloud storage and give me access. I’ll then download your video and edit it using Adobe Premiere Pro. During editing, I’ll edit mistakes so you don’t have to worry about being perfect while recording your videos. I’ll also color balance and add graphics if needed.

If you’re creating videos on YouTube, I’ll also create the thumbnails for your videos. I’ll also use the elements of your brand to style your thumbnails if you already have a brand.

Note: When you’re recording your video, I prefer you record the sound separately, on your phone (they have apps for that) or an actual voice recorder, and send me the audio file. It’s not mandatory though.

Revisions and uploads

After I finish editing the videos and thumbnail, I will upload the finished project to either your or my cloud storage (I use Dropbox and I also have Google Drive). Then, if there’s anything you want me to edit, you’ll give your feedback through Asana. Once I receive your feedback, I’ll make changes and send the final project. If this is a YouTube video, you have the option of having me upload and schedule the video on YouTube. You also have the option of letting me add the titles and tags to the video.

Need tips on giving feedback, click here.

We can do it all over again!

My video editing package was created to be a monthly package. If you loved the ease of having me edit your videos, you can hire me on a monthly basis. This is for clients who consistently create video content.


Don’t have time to go through this blog and want the highlights? This is for you. Here’s my editing process simplified:

01. Turn in your homework so I can define your style.

02. Upload your video to your cloud storage and give me access.

03. I edit the videos and create thumbnails (if applicable).

04. I give you the edited videos and thumbnails.

05. You give feedback on the videos.

06. I edit the videos based on feedback.

07. You get the finished project.

Click here to view my video editing package.

Have you ever had your videos edited? Let me know how it went in the comments below.

-Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.


Video editing process Video editing process

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