Why you need a Graphic Designer and Web Designer

Who should hire one?

Anyone who owns a business or is trying to attract an audience should hire both a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer. If you don’t know what a Graphic Designer or Web Designer is, you can read my previous blog post here.

What can they do for you?

A Graphic Designer can create a logo, and help brand your business based on the audience that the business wants to attract.

A Graphic Designer can also create advertisement, brochures and other products relatable to the brand that can attract consumers.

In this day and age, a website is a must if you own a business. A Web Designer helps create a website that is attractive to your audience and easy to use. If it is hard to find content on your website or if your website looks horrible, your audience will leave.

How do you choose a designer?

If you don’t know where to start, the easiest way is by style. All Designers have different styles, just like all people have different styles. There are designers who love feminine designs, minimalist designs, urban designs, and etc.

To figure out a Designer’s style you visit their portfolio. The portfolio should showcase all the designs that they have created. By looking through their work, you can tell if they might be the right fit for you or your business.

(Caution, shameless plug) For an example of a portfolio, you can view my portfolio here.

– Paigon | Natasha Lane Design Co.

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Blog Title- Why you need a graphic designer and web designer

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